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  • We are the leading independant provider
    of integrated ecosystems for
    your data centre and facilities
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INFINIDAT was founded in 2011 by Moshe Yanai and is focused on solving the problems storage buyers face when they are forced to choose between cost, capacity, functionality, reliability and performance.

INFINIDAT enables you to have it all – today, and at a price you can afford.

Businesses depend on data and rapid access to it, and the availability of that data is critical. With the growth of digitised data outpacing the growth of storage capacity, the market for storage has grown rapidly. Yet cost and complexity are forcing buyers to constantly make trade-offs. To solve this problem and capitalise on the exploding storage market, INFINIDAT has brought to market InfiniBox, a new generation of highly reliable, scalable, and efficient storage systems. InfiniBox is installed in companies around the world supporting a wide variety of applications and use cases.


  • Team of Storage Veterans and Pioneers
    A team of storage-industry veterans with a proven track record brings you the next generation of high-end, hyperscale software-defined storage systems. Innovation is our essence, it’s in our DNA.
  • Innovation & Patents
    With more than 100 patents, INFINIDAT is a global leader in the areas of data protection, performance, automation, energy savings, ease of management, and scaling.
  • Our Product Vision
    We understand what it means to deliver enterprise class storage that is affordable yet highly available and high performance. We know how to integrate the right technologies, such as DRAM, SSD and HDD, for optimum results. But most important we always are striving to change the storage paradigm so trade-offs are not required and organizations can reliably and cost effectively meet their business data needs.

To learn more about INFINIDAT please download the Company Overview.